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Fleece Tights 1.0 (2 Colors)

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You don't have to keep your skirts and dresses away once when the weather gets colder when you have fleece-lined tights. These stockings are lined with soft fuzzy fleece and available in different thickness to suit different temperatures. Get the "bare legs" look with the nude color or opt for a timeless look with black. 

Warmth description:
- 150g for around 16-22˚C/61-71˚F
- 200g for around 8-18˚C/46-64˚F
- 300g for around -5-5˚C/23-41˚F
- 400g for around -10-0˚C/14-32˚F

Note: as the tights get thicker, ankles may appear thicker and creases around the back of knees get more obvious. Feet area have no fleece.

Weight values are approximate


Care Guide

We always recommend hand washing with mild detergent and cold water to best preserve the integrity of your clothing.

If you need to machine wash, please use gentle cycle on cold.

Wash inside out with like colors.

Low iron on reverse or steam.

Do not bleach unless necessary.