Megoosta? If you know your memes, you've probably already guessed where we derived our name from. It's a word play of the popular meme "Me Gusta" which means "I like it" in Spanish, typically used to express one's approval of an awkward situation - which totally happens to all of us! Megoosta Fashion is all about unlocking your inner quirkiness and embracing it while being fashionable about it. At least you look cute!

Founded by Chee in 2015, she sought to share her sense of style and fashion to her audience by providing them with a platform to shop her clothes and looks. Our clothes are handpicked by Chee and are a reflection of her current tastes in fashion. She is always trying new styles and she hopes that you will follow along on her journey.

At Megoosta Fashion, we welcome you to explore different styles, step outside of your comfort zone and be you.