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Fleece Tights 2.0 (3 Colors)

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New and improved fleece tights for a more realistic look, especially in photos. This version features dual layers - one sheer layer and one thick fleece layer. The top layer diffuses light and provides an undertone to give it a more natural and realistic look, as well as resists pilling. It also acts as a protective layer that can be removed (either by cutting off or unstitching) and changed with a new pair of sheer stockings in the event of rips and nicks. If you find Version 1.0 too white/pale under certain lighting conditions, the color range in this version might be a better fit. 

Extra tip: Try layering with black sheer stocking!

Color description:
- Light Nude: Warm tone light nude (recommended for white/pale skin with warm undertones)
- Medium Nude: Cool pink tone light nude (recommended for white/pale skin with pink undertones)
- Dark Nude: Warm natural nude (recommended for light skin with warm undertones) 

Warmth description:
- 135g (no fleece) for 15-25˚C/59-77˚F
- 170g (short fleece) for 10-20˚C/50-68˚F
- 220g (medium fleece) for 0-10˚C/32-50˚F
- 300g (thick fleece) for -10-0˚C/14-32˚F

One Size suitable for most between 155-175cm/5'1-5'9" & under 60kg/130lbs

[All values and descriptors are approximate indicators and subject to differ according to each individual's preference and tolerance]


63.4% polyamide, 36.6% elastane [top layer] | 94.1% polyester, 5.9% elastane [fleece layer]

Care Guide

We always recommend hand washing with mild detergent and cold water to best preserve the integrity of your clothing.

If you need to machine wash, please use gentle cycle on cold.

Wash inside out with like colors.

Low iron on reverse or steam.

Do not bleach unless necessary.