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Bear Delivery Overalls (White)

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Classic high rise overalls with an embroidered bib featuring a cycling bear with flowers, side pockets and back pockets.

Cut open button holes with scissors.

S: 34.5" waist, 41.5" hips, 24.5" thighs, 18" ankles, 24" inseam
M: 36" waist, 43" hips, 25.5" thighs, 18.5" ankles, 24" inseam
L: 37.5" waist, 44.5" hips, 26.5" thighs, 19" ankles, 24" inseam


100% cotton

Care Guide

We always recommend hand washing with mild detergent and cold water to best preserve the integrity of your clothing.

If you need to machine wash, please use gentle cycle on cold.

Wash inside out with like colors.

Low iron on reverse or steam.

Do not bleach unless necessary.