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Eeyore Denim Overalls (Dark Blue)

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Denim overalls with Eeyore embroidered on it, side pockets, adjustable straps and a roomy fit.

S: 36" waist, 41.5" hips, 26" thighs, 14" ankles, 43" length
M: 37.5" waist, 43" hips, 26.5" thighs, 14.5" ankles, 43.5" length
L: 39" waist, 44.5" hips, 27" thighs, 15" ankles, 44" length

How to attach buckles:
Slide the rectangular buckle on first, followed by the T-shaped buckle. Overall straps will hold on its own as such or you can slide the free end back into the rectangular buckle.

If button holes have not been cut open, they can be easily cut using a pair of scissors.